Volunteer Opportunities in Da Nang

Hello! If you are seeking a teaching job or volunteer opportunities in Da Nang or just travelers who are looking for a good place to stay and do volunteer as an English teacher in Da Nang, don’t look further.

I have been welcoming volunteers from across the world who can spend a little time talking with local students and motivate them to study English. I am sure you will like it because they are always eager to talk to you and spend time taking you around to see beautiful places and try local food in Da Nang.

I am happy to offer you a bed, good WiFi, air conditioner, kitchenware and hot tub. Besides, I have a coffee space where you can relax, listen to music, read books, do your stuffs and enjoy a cup of coffee which is from my family’s coffee plantation. And I am happy to make you a cup of egg coffee or coconut coffee or yogurt coffee.

  • There are many interesting activities here you can do beside teaching English.
  • Join in outdoor activities such as going camping at hidden places, cleaning the beach, walking tour to the mountain, exploring our beautiful city…
  • Learn Vietnamese
  • Learn about Vietnamese culture
  • Learn how to make coffee including Vietnamese traditional coffee, egg coffee, coconut coffee and yogurt coffee
  • Learn how to cook some Vietnamese dishes
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Welcome you to stay with me and have an interesting experience.


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